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Augmented reality
Augmented reality is a live physical view that brings elements to the real world Adds people and allows interactive view to be displayed physically and live. Augmented reality can be used in computer games and software training.'s gonna be built.
Virtual Reality (VR) is a human effort to blur the boundaries between real space and cyberspace. 360 degree images of the real environment using special glasses that the user can interact with the head gestures, and after a while the human mind feels that it is in the real environment.
Virtual reality
The simplest definition of gamification is that gaming is the art of embedding gaming mechanisms into spaces that are not designed for gaming by default. Playmaking is one of the digital marketing techniques that aims to increase the audience relationship with a product or service.
Graphic Design
The process of making a visual connection using image and color space is far better than text (an image is better than a thousand letters).
Web Services
Web services are code or applications that are accessible through the web and transfer data to other applications through protocols such as ftp, http. XML is the foundation of web services and common use across languages Has programming language.
It is a device that can be two-way, either an electromechanical device or an intelligent software for human replacement. Software robots respond to the two categories of Instagram robots to maximize memory and comment, and telegram robots that are virtual in nature and respond according to their preferences.
Business Consulting
Starting a business is exciting and tempting, but in the middle of the road you may face challenges and difficulties. You will need expert advice.
Branding is just as important as starting a business; branding is also one of the main concerns of business owners.
Content Management Systems
Content management system (CMS) is a software system that helps manage content and can record, edit and update content. In today's competition, one of the parameters of a website is being up to date. Information is it.
Content presentation
Creating useful content adds value to your site more than anything else. We provide all kinds of content including video, audio, text, photos and more.
Social Networks​
One way to have a successful business is by recognizing customers. SMM focuses on producing content and engaging readers and encouraging them to share with their friends on social media, and massive traffic. Bring you around the world.
customer relation management
Business success depends to a large extent on customer relationship management and management, the better the relationship, the more successful the business will be and the easier it will be to make money. Supported for success.
Search engine optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization is done to improve site performance based on search engine rules and to attract more users and visitors and boost business.
Web application design and development
Custom textThe website is like a showcase of your work in cyberspace. A user-friendly design will convey a sense of satisfaction to the user. SiliconTech specialists help with the knowledge and application of your techniques to have a good website.
Design and development of mobile application
Mobile phones and tablets are always available because of their structure, so mobile apps have found their place among users. This gives business owners the opportunity to easily introduce their business and simplify their in-house activities.
Website design and development
One way to have a successful business is to have a personal website. We provide professional, attractive, interactive and user-friendly website design.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization is done in order to improve the site's performance based on the search engine rules and to attract more users and visitors and boost the business.