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Augmented reality
Its Application in the Real WorldThis is made possible with the help of digital aids, which can be used to provide information: such as the fastest route to a specific product in the supermarketIt is even used in dangerous surgeries
Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment with software VR technology creates primary experience focusing on two senses, i.e., vision and sound.Experiencing things that have no existence through the computers is now possible with VR technologyVirtual reality will be used in medicine, architecture and many other spheres of life
Virtual reality
The simplest definition of gamification is that gaming is the art of embedding gaming mechanisms into spaces that are not designed for gaming by default. Playmaking is one of the digital marketing techniques that aims to increase the audience relationship with a product or service.
Graphic Design
The process of making a visual connection using image and color space is far better than text (an image is better than a thousand letters).
Web Services
Web services are code or applications that are accessible through the web and transfer data to other applications through protocols such as ftp, http. XML is the foundation of web services and common use across languages Has programming language.
It is a device that can be two-way, either an electromechanical device or an intelligent software for human replacement. Software robots respond to the two categories of Instagram robots to maximize memory and comment, and telegram robots that are virtual in nature and respond according to their preferences.
Business Consulting
Starting a business is exciting and tempting, but in the middle of the road you may face challenges and difficulties. You will need expert advice.
If you want to transfer a nice feeling and reliability in your customer mind you shouldUse magic of graphicFrom designing your own logo to business card design, tractors, billboards, product packaging and ... are all important things that will affect your client's mentalityIf have intersting idea about your company if you want to turn your idea into reality, it's best to portray it
Content Management Systems
Content management system (CMS) is a software system that helps manage content and can record, edit and update content. In today's competition, one of the parameters of a website is being up to date. Information is it.
Content presentation
Creating useful content adds value to your site more than anything else. We provide all kinds of content including video, audio, text, photos and more.
Social Networks​
One way to have a successful business is by recognizing customers. SMM focuses on producing content and engaging readers and encouraging them to share with their friends on social media, and massive traffic. Bring you around the world.
customer relation management
SOCIAL MEDIA marketing is a type of internet marketing where you can promote your product and it services on social media use to increas the visibility of the product .It also helps in enhancing the brand reputation of the company. The very first thing in Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to build an audience.
Search engine optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization is done to improve site performance based on search engine rules and to attract more users and visitors and boost business.
Web application design and development
Custom textThe website is like a showcase of your work in cyberspace. A user-friendly design will convey a sense of satisfaction to the user. SiliconTech specialists help with the knowledge and application of your techniques to have a good website.
Design and development of mobile application
if tou dont want to be third-world country you have to use this technologhy.I mean the things that is in your pocket,they are all in every body hand,arent they? all business from the world are stop their physical activity hanging billbord,printing advertisment or handing out leaflets,so it is time to stop doing out side physical activity and start our mental activity90 percent of companies plan to increase investment in mobile apps in 2016.If you don’t, there’s a good chance you’ll be left behind your competitors
Website design and development
web design is important bczit will influence your customer for perceivingon you brand.its very important to have your own websiteto promote your business andto interact with rest of the world.There are basically two factors that definea website:quality and visibility.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization is done in order to improve the site's performance based on the search engine rules and to attract more users and visitors and boost the business.